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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hiya everyone

Hi guys! I was new here and it's my first official blog!!

Well, talk of me. I'm a novice artist who tried to give my possible to get better. I love talking about old movies, old cartoons and music. Anyway, if you would interested to my arts, here's the link http://bugsy-kun.deviantart.com

Anyway, seeya around!


Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

What the Chuck, man!

When are you gonna update this blog?

It is more than cool! It is under cool!

I liking the choose of yours picture and i wanting you to post lost of theirs, more!

Thanks Martin, for your work ear!

3:14 PM

Blogger Bugsy-Kun's Blog said...

Big thanks for supporting my blog. I wasn't really sure if lots of peoples like it or not. And really sorry for the lack of updates of my blog, i was too busy since the back of school

5:04 PM


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